our service

Chiang Mai Thanapattana .,LTD . Provides warehousing , inventory management . As well as integrated logistics.

Warehousing monthly.

- Pallet modular type product . Balance and Management Update Real Time.
- Pallet combinations not specify the type or number of items .
- Norsemen combination Not specify the type or number of products.
- Box 87 liters or 0.087 queue .

Inventory Management

Inventory Management System Designed to allow customers to see the inventory cost and the current movement of goods , Real Time can be picked up immediately by User Lock-in system to reduce errors in the picking order .

Delivery Distribution

Able to get the product / material storage and can be shipped to different places. Including the delivery of raw materials to the production lines of our customers by the time the customer wants.

Rent warehouse , monthly, yearly and long term.

Rental of warehouse space So customers can manage their warehouse . Security system with 24 hour camera CCTV On line breakpoint vehicles . Central Parking And meeting Only available to our customers.